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 Photo Tours 2020

We’re getting our ‘ducks in a row’ and planning ahead for next year’s tour season.
Below is a list of our tours in 2020 so you can plan ahead too!


Featured Tour


April 17-24


See the best of the Emerald Isle

Our tour itinerary is based on the scouting we did on our trip to Ireland in 2019. We will take you to the most popular and famous sights like the Cliffs of Moher, but we will also show you things you won’t find in the tour books. Best of all, we’ll take you during the best time of day to make amazing photographs. Our trip takes you through most of the country, including Northern Ireland.

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Southern Iceland & The Northern lights
February 14-21

Join us on our hit tour of the southern coast, but this time, in winter. Winter in Iceland offers milder temperatures than in New England, and you have a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights. We’ll be visiting our favorite sights like the Blue Lagoon, the black sand beach, the Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon and visit one of Iceland’s ice caves that are only able to be visited during this season.


Charleston & Savannah
March 27-30

The end of March is Azalea season in the lowcountry regions of South Carolina and Georgia. Join BlueHour in photographing the charms of downtown Charleston and Savannah, plantation gardens, and the magnificent Live Oak trees that the south is famous for.

The Faroe Islands
June 22-29

The Faroes are a tiny archipelago between Iceland and Norway, and are experiencing more tourism now than ever before. This is one of the most unique countries you can visit, and one of the most authentic in Scandinavian culture. You will be sure to create incredible photographs, as the landscape is uniquely breathtaking along the entire coastline. See a lake over the ocean, turf houses and chapels, hundreds of waterfalls, and walk through a Puffin colony, and experience sunsets and sunrises that never seem to end.


Southern Italy
March 13-20

March is the perfect time to visit Italy as it is less crowded and the weather is warm - perfect for making photos in the Bay of Naples. This tour offers a perfect mix of culture, history, amazing vistas and world-class food!

Stairs to Nowhere.jpg

The Azores
May 11-16

Visit “The Hawaii of Europe”! The Azores Islands of Portugal offer incredible scenery, volcanic features, agriculture and more. Enjoy average temperatures of 60-70F while making unique photographs and absorbing the Azorean culture. We will be visiting two islands: Sao Miguel and Terceira.

Niagara Falls
August 7-9

Join us for a weekend at the massive Niagara Falls in Canada. The falls are famous for their beauty and sheer power. We will visit the falls under different lighting conditions, visit the Observation deck, take a boat ride and get up close, and more.