I’m a young portrait photographer from New England, so before the tour I had absolutely no knowledge in landscape photography. That changed so fast! Paul & Allie are so helpful during all of the shoots. They go over a ton of different topics in landscape photography and bring you to the coolest spots!
— Allison C.
The Tour

May 11-18

Join us for a week exploring the “Hawaii of Europe” - the Lush Azores Islands of Portugal.

On this tour, we will visit two islands: São Miguel and Terceira. São Miguel is the largest island in the archipelago, and is home to some of the more famous viewpoints like Lagoa do Fogo and Sete Cidades. It’s volcanic properties lead to some interesting photo opportunities and experiences, like cooking a meal undergound! After three days in São Miguel, we will fly to Terceira, a smaller and more rural island. Terceira is known for its colorful architecture, traditions and farm life. Here, you’ll have opportunities relax and “slow down” a little like the locals. You’ll have the day to explore the vibrant port city of Angra, a UNESCO world heritage site. Stand at the highest point on the island and look out on the patterns formed by the land, and venture inside a lava tube. In just a week, you’ll have experienced (and photographed) the best of the Azores.

Waterfall at Ribeira.jpg

The Azores Islands

May 11-18, 2020

May 11: Depart for the Azores in the evening
May 12:
Arrive in São Miguel, Lagoa do Fogo, Gorreana Tea Plantation
May 13:
Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeiroes, Terra Nostra Gardens, Ponta da Madrugada
May 14:
Furnas, Sete Cidades & Vista Do Rei
May 15: Fly to Terceira (Island #2), Biscoitos, Serra do Cume
May 16: Free day in Angra do Heroismo
May 17: Algar do Carvao, Depart in the evening
May 18: Arrive in Boston

What's Included
Paul at Lagoa do Fogo.JPG
  • All flights (coach)

    • Boston to Sao Miguel

    • São Miguel to Terceira

    • Terceira to Boston

  • 3 Nights lodging in São Miguel

  • 3 Nights lodging in Terceira

  • Ground transportation

  • All breakfasts

  • 3 Dinners

  • Photo instruction

  • Exclusive, small group experience

  • All Admissions

    • National park areas

    • Furnas

    • Terra Nostra Gardens


Average Climate

Temperatures can range from 50 F to 60 F, and is very pleasant for this time of year.
Be prepared for both cool and warm weather.

Physical Difficulty

The Azores are generally very easy to get around. You will be walking on grass and dirt paths, as well as cobblestone in Angra. Some viewpoints require an ascent, which you are not required to do. You may walk around and over Lagoa do Fogo from our parking location for a better perspective. The view of Vista do Rei requires a short ascent up a dirt path with some steps, not more than a quarter of a mile. If you choose to get various perspectives in Biscoitos, you must be very careful as you will be climbing on lava rocks which are extremely sharp if you fall on them. This is not required.


Because this is a photo tour, the priority of this trip will be focused on making the best photographs you can possibly make. This means we’ve structured the itinerary to coincide with the best lighting, i.e., sunrise or sunset shooting. For this tour and time of year, sunrise is around 6:30 AM and sunset is around 8:45 PM. If we choose to shoot at sunrise, we will be eating breakfast after the shoot.


5 Spots Total
$3500 per person



Paul is a professional fine art photographer, specializing in nature and landscapes from around the world. Paul founded BlueHour in 2014 and designs and instructs all curriculum and course material, and is a tour leader. He works tirelessly making sure the business runs smoothly and is an incredible resource to his students. 

In April 2017, he served in the prestigious National Parks Artist in Residence program, at Petrified Forest, Arizona. His work also includes an exclusive assignment as the photographer for the Gallery on the Charles River at the Museum of Science, Boston.  His images have been licensed by organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, Tamron USA, Amazing New England Artworks, and numerous local and international publications, and his outstanding image-making and teaching have gained him an equipment sponsorship from Tamron USA.

Paul lives and works out of Hanson, MA, and can be seen promoting and selling his work at art shows and fairs in New England throughout the year, and is also a lecturer and contest judge for local camera clubs. The Boston Camera Club awarded him Judge of the Year honors for 2015-2016.

Visit his website and portfolio at www.paulnguyenphoto.com


Allie is a professional photographer specializing in landscape, travel and portrait photography. Allie is Paul's partner in BlueHour, an instructor and tour leader. She is the administrative workhorse behind the BlueHour brand, webmaster, and design specialist. 

She has been photographing since age 13, and her trade has taken her to places like Iceland, Norway, The Faroe Islands, across Europe and the United States. She was awarded the Student Image Award in 2013 from the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, MA. 

Her approach focuses on 'telling the story' of a place by capturing subtleties and minor details that when viewed together, create a more complete whole.

Allie lives and works out of Marlborough, MA, and can be seen promoting and selling her work at art shows and fairs around New England. She also regularly shoots portraiture, weddings and events.

Visit her website and portfolio at www.allierichards.com

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Flights ARE included in the cost of this tour. We will be booking everyone’s flights for this tour 60 days of our depart date.
We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance if you may not be able to attend for any reason.