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In early 2017, we're going to do something we've never done before: launch a catalog of all of our workshops and tours for the year - IN PRINT!  Even in this age of digital-everything, a paper catalog, we feel, still has tremendous value to our customers, both current and potential, as a quick and easy handheld reference of literally everything we have to offer. 

But any kind of printed literature comes at a tremendous cost when you are looking at a run of 500 copies or more, which is why we've decided to offset the cost of printing by opening our catalog to sponsorship from local businesses around the locations where we are offering our workshops and tours. Sponsors will pledge a small amount to us (between $40 and $100), and would get an ad for their business placed on their chosen workshop or tour page. 

Do you manage or work in a small business?

Let us know if you would be interested in sponsoring our printed catalog by placing an ad for your business in our pages. Our workshops and tours visit locations throughout New England, as well as Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, Iceland, Kenya, and New Zealand. We are looking for sponsorship from businesses that our photography students and travelers would find useful, such as restaurants, hotels and accommodations, entertainment, outdoor sporting goods, camera stores, and other retail stores in or near our tour and workshop locations.

We are creating an 8"x8" full-color catalog with approximately 40 pages. Since our goal is simply to offset the cost of printing, not to make a profit through sponsorship, we can offer ad space for very low costs.

  • A 4”x1” ad costs just $40

  • A 4”x2” ad costs just $70

  • A full page ad costs just $100

We also offer a link from our tour or workshop web page to your business’s website for just $30.

A minimum of 500 catalogs will be distributed to our New England-based past and current customers, and to new customers through camera clubs, art shows, and local businesses. All sponsors will receive copies of the catalog to place in their businesses.

Attract new customers to your business and grow alongside BlueHour!

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