What's New in 2017

BlueHour has been very busy preparing for 2017! We’re as excited as ever to kick off the new year, with all sorts of new workshops, tours and more.

As many of you know, we’ve been working very hard for the last few months to put together a catalog for the majority of our 2017 offerings. We’ve finalized the design and are now working to collect sponsorships to help offset the cost of printing. We can’t wait to finally get our hands on these babies.

If you attended a workshop or tour this past year, you’ve seen us use our GoPro camera to film our lessons and locations. Those efforts, along with the many hours at Panera to edit all of our footage together led to some pretty killer promo videos.  But, we’re saying goodbye to GoPro. Say hello to the new Sony Action Cam! We hope the Sony will perform even better and offers stabilization technology and some pretty nifty gadgets.

We’re also upping our timelapse game. You can look forward to seeing more and more polished and professional-looking timelapse movies from our workshop hotspots and travels in 2017. Maybe you can even look forward to a potential timelapse workshop?!

We had fun coming up with this one. It's what we do.

We had fun coming up with this one. It's what we do.

We now have a web store, where you can purchase our ‘famous fleeces,’ tshirts, hats, gift certificates, Paul’s 2017 calendar (which will look really great in your office), our vintage patches, lens cloths, and this just in: a membership!

We just launched our ‘Bluey Membership’ club, which entitles you to 15% off every one-day workshop you sign up for, for one year from purchase. We’ll also critique any work you produce from the workshops you attend. This is a great deal if you plan to sign up for more than one! Get ‘em now while they’re hot - now on the BH Store for $30. Click here to order.

And, we’ve also decided, based on past requests, to offer private and/or custom photo workshops or tours for groups. This has been popular with local camera clubs, and we’d be glad to expand this service. If this is an interest to you, just ask! We’ll also be announcing various informal photo trips, such as a weekend at Watkins Glen in the winter, or the Horseshoe Crab spawning-event over the Delaware Bay (one of nature's great annual events!), where you’re welcome to tag along and join us shooting. You don’t have to pay us - but if you find our guidance beneficial, tips are always appreciated!


Speaking of trips, it’s been awhile since we’ve done any non-BlueHour traveling. We’re very excited to be revisiting South Carolina. Boneyard beach, here we come! 

Paul will also be spending an entire month, as part of his artist in residency at Petrified National Forest, Arizona for the entirety of April, 2017. Allie will be tagging along for the ride down and the duo will be producing some fantastic images for you. You will be seeing newsletters, blogs and videos just for that trip.

We’ve also been virtually scouting out the Faroe Islands, a place that few have even heard of. This is our annual “go somewhere really out there that you would never think to do on your own” location, and we’ll be departing for this tiny Scandinavian island country in late May. It’s been brewing for awhile now and we’re glad to finally commit. It’s just so remote! Even Google hasn’t really been there; check out this article about ‘Sheep View 360’ - the islander’s solution to Google’s absence.

On top of all of this - we’re also teaching adult education classes at South Shore Vocational School and Assabet Valley After Dark. Because our calendars just aren’t full enough.

So what are YOU up to this year? Joining us on a workshop or tour I hope!

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