10 Essentials To Always Bring on a Shoot

...That aren't already a part of your camera kit.

Are you hesitant to venture out into the woods or desert for a shoot, out of fear that you’ll get hopelessly lost? Do you ever wonder what nature photographers bring with them when they go out for days at a time through dark and rainy conditions? As photographers, we tend to dwell on whether we've brought all the necessary lenses and gear, and completely forget about all the little non-camera items that could be handy in a pinch.  From our years of experience shooting outdoors, we've compiled a list of simple gadgets and commodities that you probably never thought of that could save your skin - or your gear - on a shoot!  

  1. Hand warmers -  Keep your mittens toasty warm, and you can strap them to your lens to prevent fogging during long nighttime shoots!

  2. Shower caps  - A “fashion don’t” for your camera, but necessary for keeping your camera dry when it rains on a shoot. Get the clear kind so you can compose your shot with it on, and then remove it before clicking the shutter.

  3. Handheld GPS - If you’re afraid you won’t find your way back to the camp or the car at night, get one of these.  A dedicated GPS unit has much better battery life than a smartphone with location enabled, uses regular AA batteries you can swap on the go, and handles the elements much better.    

  4. Pocket Can Opener/Swiss Army Knife - Chef Boyardee anyone? Added bonus if you have one as a multitool attachment. 

  5. Headlamp instead of a flashlight - Or else you’ll wish you had a third hand.  Until you’ve memorized where all your buttons are, a headlamp is essential for manipulating your camera controls in the dark.

  6. Extra AA Batteries - It’s nice if all your peripheral devices, from speedlights to flashlights to GPS units, run on AA’s, so you only need to carry one type of battery.

  7. Car power Inverter - to charge camera batteries and your cell phone in the car - Photographers on the go don’t get to return to a hotel room every night.

  8. Outlet Splitter cube - Turn the one power outlet on your inverter into four outlets so you can charge your phone, GPS, and camera batteries all at once!

  9. Allen Wrench set - Like a piece of Ikea furniture, your tripod and ball head are held together with Allen screws. Don’t let a loose screw ruin your shoot.

  10. Hand Towel - Dry off your camera before putting it back in your bag after a rainstorm.  Storing wet equipment is a recipe for disaster.  

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