BlueHour's First Mentorship Program: A Success


This summer, we launched our brand new mentorship program: a program for enthusiast photographers to learn how to make their hobby a profession. So far, it’s been a success! We’ve had a few students already, and many potential students for the future.

The program is set up to have 2 major components: the in-person, on-location portion, and the online portion. The in-person part includes 3 days or “modules” you can choose from, where you will work alongside one or both of us to cover specific techniques in nature. It is the most important part of the program. The online portion allows you to pick from a list of popular photography topics, and we will go over them with you during 4 private, live webinars.

Here are our current on-location modules you can pick from:

  • Waterscapes: Garwin Falls, NH & Sunset at Nubble Lighthouse, ME

  • White Mountain Waterfalls & Landscapes: Sugar Hill (June only), The Basin, Kancamagus Highway, Sabbaday Falls

  • The Northshore: Motif #1, Halibut Point, & Sunset at Annisquam Light, Gloucester, MA

  • Birds & Wildlife: Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Newburyport, MA & Great Meadows, Concord, MA

  • The Southshore & Cityscapes: Duxbury Bridge, Scituate Lighthouse & Sunset in Boston, MA

  • Cascades & Close-ups: Moore State Park, Paxton, MA & Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  • Photo Finishing: Post-Processing in Lightroom & Photoshop, printing, matting & framing, art show booth construction & marketing and selling your work in-person and online

Our webinars and learning materials are a complement to the in-person learning, and you can customize your private experience with us. You also get all kinds of extras, like a copy of Sun Surveyor for your phone if you wish, a professional headshot photo, biography editing and review, optional critique, and a sensor cleaning!

Our First Mentorship Student: Pam

Pam reached out to us because she wanted to expand her photographic skills past photojournalism. Her work has been published in various magazines in Massachusetts already, but wanted to brush up on essential skills to bring her work to the next level. The mentorship program was just right for the job! We visited Duxbury, Scituate Lighthouse, the city of Boston, Rockport and Gloucester. She also took us up on some editing and photo processing. As a content marketer and photographer, landscape photography and photo-finishing is an essential skillset! We enjoyed traipsing around the Boston area and making some new shots along the way. You can visit Pam’s website here:

If you’re interested in joining in on the mentorship program for yourself, you can read more about it here.