Night Photography Doesn’t have to be difficult - Learn how the pRos Photograph by Night, And even capture the milky way

Come along as we photograph the night sky and lights in this 2-hour photography workshop. We'll start by going over a few tips and tricks for night photography and then photograph typical Cape Cod scenery by moonlight. If we’re lucky, we will photograph the Milky Way (weather permitting). We will review night photography tips and tricks, how to focus on the stars at night using Live View, and how to compose your shot at night by cranking the ISO for quick shots. We will also review basics of the exposure triangle and how to minimize noise, and maximize quality and clarity.

What You'll Learn
  • Exposing correctly at night

  • Composition

  • Importance of Shutter Speed at night

  • ISO Invariance

  • Using ambient light to illuminate your scene

  • Basic star trails and capturing the Milky Way

  • How to maximize quality with high ISO images

  • Histograms

Recommended Equipment
  • Tripod (must have)

  • D-SLR or mirrorless camera

  • Wide Angle lens that can open to a wide aperture (preferably f/2.8)

    • Please email us for specific recommendations for purchase, or see the links to the right for rental suggestions

  • Remote shutter release

  • Good attitude and willingness to learn!

Physical Difficulty

Standing and walking on paved and gravel paths.

Meeting Details

We will be meeting at Chatham Lighthouse at 9 PM. Park in the lot along the beach across from the lighthouse.
We will be on the beach so bring sandals if you'd like.


Michael Belinski

Michael focuses on aerial photography and video production.  He shoots with a DJI Mavic Pro and is familiar with the mechanics and unique tricks and techniques required to be successful in this type of photography. 

Michael has worked for various New England companies to promote events, travel destinations, and products such as Petra Azar, Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce and Hannoush Jewelers.


If you are looking for accommodations for this workshop, use “Chatham” in Cape Cod, MA for a city.
This workshop is not overnight, but will end late in the evening.