Capture lesser-known waterfalls on the edges of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and learn how shoot flowing water creatively

On this workshop, we will visit a few locations in both Northwest Connecticut and Southwest Massachusetts. Marquee destinations include Kent Falls, a series of waterfalls and cascades, and Bash Bish Falls, the highest waterfall in Massachusetts. With added stops at the Saville Dam and West Cornwall Covered Bridge, this workshop is the perfect day-long opportunity to learn new landscape photography skills or to brush up on the ones you already have.

What You'll Learn
  • Long Exposure techniques

  • How to use ND filters & polarizers

  • Composition

  • Exposure Compensation

  • White Balance

  • Tripod use

Kent Falls 5.jpg

10:00 AM: Saville Dam in Barkhamsted, CT
11:30 AM: Kent Falls State Park, CT
1:30 PM: Lunch / Break
2:30 PM: West Cornwall Covered Bridge, Rte 128 Cornwall, CT
4:30 PM: Bash Bish Falls, Mount Washington, MA
7:00 PM: Workshop End

Recommended Equipment
Physical Difficulty

Kent Falls: The Trail winds 1/4 mile up along the falls. Although not difficult to walk, it is steep.  There are many scenic vantage points that can be enjoyed along the trail.
Bash Bish Falls: From the parking lot in Massachusetts, the hike is a steep descent approximately 1/3 miles to the base of Bash Bish Falls. You will need to be able to return up the same trail.

Meeting Details

Please meet at 10:00 AM at the Saville Dam on Saville Dam Rd (Rte 318) in the parking lot at the west end of the dam.


Kris Simard

Kris is a photographer who specializes in landscape and nature. His photography primarily focuses on New England and other areas across the United States. He seeks out and researches the best times and lighting for each location, which we find so important in making great shots. He takes pride in immersing himself in a landscape to capture the unique perspective that defines his style. 
Kris lives in Worcester where he has been practicing photography for the last 20+ years. He  worked at a camera store and photo lab which has helped be where he is today. He finds great satisfaction in selling his work. He says " to create images that someone appreciates enough to purchase and display in their own home is the ultimate compliment!"

See his work online at


If you are looking for accommodations for this workshop, use “Barkhamsted” in Connecticut for a city.
This workshop is not overnight, but for those who want to wake up later in the morning on May 4, we recommend staying over the night before.