My expectations for the tour were exceeded, I learned a lot, made new friends, and had an awesome time! I’d highly recommend any BlueHour Photo Tour, and plan on doing another.
— Roger R.
The Tour

June 16-22

Join us for a week exploring the Faroes - the “Next big thing” for Scandinavia

The Faroes are a tiny archipelago between Iceland and Norway, and are experiencing more tourism now than ever before. This is one of the most unique countries you can visit, and one of the most authentic in Scandinavian culture. You will be sure to create incredible photographs, as the landscape is uniquely breathtaking along the entire coastline. See a lake over the ocean, turf houses and chapels, hundreds of waterfalls, and walk through a Puffin colony, and experience sunsets and sunrises that never seem to end.


The Faroe Islands

June 16-22, 2020

June 16: Fly to the Faroes
June 17:
Arrive, Saksun, Tjornuvik, Gjogv
June 18:
Gasadalur, Tindholmar & Drangarnir
June 19:
Kirkubour, Leitisvatn, Sorvagur
June 20: Mykines
June 21: Kalsoy & Kallurin
June 22: Depart

What's Included
  • 5 Nights in brand new, 4-star hotel in Torshavn

  • Flights from Iceland to Faroe Islands (USA to Iceland not included)

  • Ground transportation

  • All breakfasts

  • 3 Dinners

  • Photo instruction

  • Exclusive, small group experience

  • All Admissions & Fees

    • Day trip and ferry to Mykines

    • Guided hike to Drangarnir

    • Ferry and guided hike in Kalsoy


Average Climate

Temperatures can range from 50 F to 60 F, and is very pleasant for this time of year.
Be prepared for both cool and warm weather.

Physical Difficulty

This tour requires some fitness to be able to see all of the sights. This tour requires low-impact hiking. We will be participating in guided hikes to Drangarnir and Kallurin, and hiking to the most Westerly point on Mykines (there is one very steep, grassy hill in the beginning) as well as to Leitisvatn. If you would like to see everything there is to see, you will need to be able to walk up stairs and be able to complete 5 miles. Of course, all activities are optional. Most hikes will be on grassy paths along coastal cliffs. Though this trip may be different from what you’re used to, you will be rewarded with amazing views and get close-up to the Faroes’ rich bird life. If you would like specific details on the trails, please email us.


Because this is a photo tour, the priority of this trip will be focused on making the best photographs you can possibly make. This means we’ve structured the itinerary to coincide with the best lighting, i.e., sunrise or sunset shooting. For this tour and time of year, sunrise is around 6:30 AM and sunset is around 8:45 PM. If we choose to shoot at sunrise, we will be eating breakfast after the shoot.


5 Spots Total
$4700 per person (Double)
$5021 per person (Single)



Paul is a professional fine art photographer, specializing in nature and landscapes from around the world. Paul founded BlueHour in 2014 and designs and instructs all curriculum and course material, and is a tour leader. He works tirelessly making sure the business runs smoothly and is an incredible resource to his students. 

In April 2017, he served in the prestigious National Parks Artist in Residence program, at Petrified Forest, Arizona. His work also includes an exclusive assignment as the photographer for the Gallery on the Charles River at the Museum of Science, Boston.  His images have been licensed by organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, Tamron USA, Amazing New England Artworks, and numerous local and international publications, and his outstanding image-making and teaching have gained him an equipment sponsorship from Tamron USA.

Paul lives and works out of Hanson, MA, and can be seen promoting and selling his work at art shows and fairs in New England throughout the year, and is also a lecturer and contest judge for local camera clubs. The Boston Camera Club awarded him Judge of the Year honors for 2015-2016.

Visit his website and portfolio at


Allie is a professional photographer specializing in landscape, travel and portrait photography. Allie is Paul's partner in BlueHour, an instructor and tour leader. She is the administrative workhorse behind the BlueHour brand, webmaster, and design specialist. 

She has been photographing since age 13, and her trade has taken her to places like Iceland, Norway, The Faroe Islands, across Europe and the United States. She was awarded the Student Image Award in 2013 from the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, MA. 

Her approach focuses on 'telling the story' of a place by capturing subtleties and minor details that when viewed together, create a more complete whole.

Allie lives and works out of Marlborough, MA, and can be seen promoting and selling her work at art shows and fairs around New England. She also regularly shoots portraiture, weddings and events.

Visit her website and portfolio at

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Flights from the USA to Iceland are not included in the cost of this tour. Flights from Iceland to the Faroes ARE included.
We will send you details about flights closer to the tour date. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance if you may not be able to attend for any reason.