Nick Wright

Nick Wright is a Boston based sports and event photographer and is the primary photographer for a local road race event organizer. He has been practicing photography for the last 7 years and enjoys exploring the world with a camera in hand.

His approach to photography is rooted in the never ending quest for capturing the "decisive moment." This quest naturally pulled him toward sports and event photography, but he also shoots Wildlife, Landscape, Travel, Portrait, and Street photos. He uses simple yet powerful principles of lighting, composition, patience, and preparation to achieve his creative vision and deliver for his clients.

He strives to bring out the best in his students by connecting with them where they are in their photographic journey - whether that is a decade or more of shooting or less than a few months. While he's happy to nerd out about the latest and greatest photography gear on the market, he knows no gear can replace the "six inches between your ears." Even in a demanding genre like sports - many of his favorite images have been created with a 30 year old manual focus lens.

You can see his work on his website at

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