The Glory of the Northern Rockies
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A successful campaign, thanks to our friends,
family, clients And strangers...

In May 2015, we, Lauren and Paul of BlueHour, set out to move our business forward. Our hard work and determination were gaining us loyal clients and small business partnerships, but as a new business in it's first year, we could not afford the time off from work nor afford to pay out of pocket to research and scout for new photo workshop locations. Enter our backers, who included anyone from family and friends, to students past and present, to complete strangers. With the support of these backers, BlueHour Photo Ventures was able to raise $4305, which is 123% of the original $3500 goal, in just one short month, and so we fulfilled our ambition of scouting 3 National Parks in the Northern Rockies - Banff, Yoho, and Glacier - last August 2015 to create a new series of photography workshops for the coming years.

And the photos are in!
Read all about the trip on our blog here!

Paul's Photos

Lauren's Photos



To learn more about the campaign, check out the Kickstarter campaign page.

A big thank you to our backers:

Cynthia Cole

Lumi Tan

Laura B.

Kim Tan

Katie Lyon-Pingree

Tena Lindenauer

Mary V. Kearns

Peter V. Kearns

Ginny C

Kim Tice

Kim Luc-Nguyen


Greg Hickey

Dan Chavas

Ann Watson

Charles Childress

Misty Sawyer

Loc Nguyen

Tess F.

And many anonymous backers whose contributions are just as valued!