In photography, light is a commodity. But sometimes the best light is almost no light at all

If you’re bored of making the same ordinary pictures, and wonder why your landscape images don’t match up to the great images made by modern professionals, the solution isn’t Photoshop or applying Instagram filters, but to start shooting when you least expect to.

As light levels fall when the sun goes down, the conventional rules of landscape photography break down. What do we do when exposure times first get too slow to hand-hold your camera, then eventually get too long to use your camera’s normal exposure modes?  Let us teach you how to stretch your camera’s capabilities to adapt to the surreal but faint light of the blue hour and keep shooting well into the twilight to create fantastic images that your friends will think aren’t even real.

We will work on adapting to waning light by adjusting the camera’s exposure parameters, and then work on using the “Bulb” mode to create exposures that last several minutes long


*This workshop will not include any creative light painting.  We will only use light as necessary to increase foreground exposure.

Required Equipment

  • DSLR/mirrorless camera
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Remote shutter release; wired or wireless
  • Wide angle lens
    • large maximum aperture of 2.8 or larger is preferable, not required
  • Flashlight or headlamp

Please ask us if you have questions about any of these requirements, and we can point you towards the proper equipment if necessary.


  • Exposure refresher

  • Adjustments and compromises when light levels fall

  • Tripod and remote release usage

  • What to look for in a low-light histogram

  • Working in “Bulb” mode

  • Digital proof technique for super-long exposures

Meeting Location

Nubble Lighthouse, York, ME at 9 P.M.

Physical Difficulty

Standing and a short amount of walking on paved surfaces and flat rocks. The more daring my opt to go down the rocks to the water’s edge, but this is not required.

 Every registrant will receive a free spiffy lens cloth for all your camera cleaning needs!

Every registrant will receive a free spiffy lens cloth for all your camera cleaning needs!