The BlueHour Mentorship Program

The BlueHour Mentorship Program

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How to be a Landscape and Nature Photography Pro & Make Money Doing It

BlueHour is proud to introduce our latest educational offering: A complete mentorship program for aspiring nature and outdoor photographers. Whether you’re looking to take your photography to the highest level in as little time as possible, or even make the leap to monetizing your images at a professional level through retail sales and licensing, this immersive program will get you there. Our combination of intensive in-person guided instruction at outdoor locations around New England and flexible online learning at your own pace will give you the image-making and career skills you need to make your photography dreams a reality.

*Get a $1,000 discount when you sign up as a pair (Email Us!)

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What You Get

  • Free Half-Hour Phone Consultation Before Registering - Is this program right for you?

  • Flexible access to private webinars (8) and over 20 instructional documents on a variety of photography topics

  • Choice of 3 full in-person mentoring days on hands-on photography and career topics (all in New England)

  • Professional Headshot

  • Artist Biography Review & Copy Editing

  • Sensor Cleaning & Lens Cloth

  • Sun Surveyor App License

  • Featured Photographer on the BlueHour Blog

  • Option to shadow a workshop as an Instructor

    • Possibility of becoming an instructor with us in the future

  • Follow-up half-hour phone consultation six months after the program

  • Professional Critique Available as an add-on service $100 for 2 months with option to renew.


Essential Equipment

Photography Skills & Techniques

  • Scouting

    1. Digital Apps

    2. Weather & Nature

    3. Geographic Features

  • Shooting

    1. Landscapes

    2. Flowing Water

    3. Lowlight & Night Photography

    4. Wildlife & Birds

    5. Portraiture

  • Life on the Road

  • Post-Processing


  • Marketing & Brand Cultivation

  • Commercial

  • Fine Art

  • Creating Products to Sell

    • Prints/Framed Pieces, Etc.

Includes: 3 in-person full day sessions of your choice (all in New England)
Requirements: Basic Equipment Competency, able to stay on your feet most of the day, your own transportation, your own accommodations as needed

*Get a $1,000 discount when you sign up as a pair (Email Us!)